The Banting Baker



    The low carb high fat diet, known more colloquially as the Banting diet, is not just about upturning the food pyramid and thus the conventional wisdom around food and nutrition that has ruled for the last 4 odd years. It’s about waking us up to what our bodies are naturally ‘wired’ for in terms of optimal sustenance and body weight. It’s about realising that along the trajectory of commercial and industrial ‘progress’, we’ve lost sight of our humanness, our basic biology if you will. That said, giving up carrot cake is not so easy. Sweet treats and baked goods are deeply associated with comfort, time out and good times, rewarding us after a day’s hard work. One doesn’t have to deny oneself these little pleasures. This book will hopefully show you that the low carb highway is not about deprivation but about substitution. Once you’ve got your head around it, stocked up your pantry with the right ingredients and armed yourself with a spirit of adventure, you’ll discover that you can create the most sublimely satisfying goodies. Stuff your taste buds will quickly choose over the stuff they once considered pleasurable. The stuff of goodness. The stuff of pure bliss. The banting baker has recipes for breakfast, snacks, breads, wraps, pizza as well as sweet treats. Indulge in blueberry and almond muffins, baked berry pancakes with mascarpone, banting coconut macaroons, cheesecake swirl brownies and ‘topdeck’ bliss bars.

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