We are looking forward to reading your manuscripts.
Please take note of the following:


As we receive a very high volume of submissions...

... and strive to give each one the consideration it deserves, it can take us some time to work through everything. We’re a small team and the consideration process, on average, can take anything from 3 months to 6 months; so please be patient with us.


We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts from these genres:

  • Poetry
  • Novellas 
  • Teen fiction / young adult fiction
  • Scripts (drama, theatre, film or television)
  • Religion/spiritual

If you do not have a full manuscript to submit, don’t panic.

You can submit the first 4 completed chapters with a short synopsis of the manuscript. If you do not submit a full manuscript, please state as such in the manuscript description portion of the below form.


We understand that, as an author, you want as great a chance to have your manuscript published as possible.

It would be unfair of us to make you put your project on hold while we take time to decide things. But please let us know if you are offered a publication deal elsewhere after submitting to us, so that we can update our list of submissions to be reviewed.

Good Luck and Best Wishes, The Jacana Submissions Team

Enquiries can be directed to:

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