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The Affair

The Affair is a unique self-help book that examines the psyche of both perpetrators and victims of affairs and anyone who struggles with monogamy and...

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The Struggle Continues

“A must read for anyone who is intrigued by Zimbabwean politics and history, but also those interested in the power of our common humanity and the...

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Rough Diamond

When despondent 4th-year medical student Tshidi Gule dialled ace businesswoman and celebrated beauty queen, Basetsana Kumalo’s number back in 2004,...

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Life planning combined with financial planning is the secret to a meaningful retirement

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Executive Salaries: Who Should Have A Say On Pay?

In Executive Salaries: Who Should Have a Say on Pay? the 2012 executive pay packages of 50 of South Africa’s largest and most influential listed...

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Doing Time

Doing Time is more than just a book. It’s an invitation from one of South Africa’s most revered pioneers and businessmen. It is an invitation to...

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Zumanomics Revisited

Zumanomics Revisited is a sequel to the successful 2009 publication, Zumanomics – Which Way to Shared Prosperity in South Africa? This was a...

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The Long View

Now is the time for reflection; the time for the tough questions. Is South Africa going to make it? Are we going to become a shining example of a...

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Soul to Sole

If you listen quietly, you can hear it, that voice, soft and empowering yet out of synch. What is this voice and what does it want? As the...

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The Brand Book

Given the ever-increasing importance of marketing, The Brand Book is an invaluable marketer’s tool and an ultimate guide to marketing and brand...

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