(Un)covering Men: Rewriting masculinity and health in South Africa


(Un)covering Men formed part of a journalistic bid to see whether it is possible to write differently about different men. The collected journalism in this book breaks away from overused archetypes and explores how men can be covered in the media in all their diversity and guises. By positioning itself within a broader health media context, the coverage in this book shows how narrowly defined notions of masculinity often facilitate and reinforce risk-taking behaviour. Between 2009 and 2011, journalism fellows of the HIV & AIDS Media Project undertook in-depth research looking to write about men, masculinity and HIV in a new way. The result is this compendium of articles, blogs and photo essays that showcases a diversity of men – each facing a unique context and dealing with sexual health and relationships differently. Structured around four central themes, the four sections in this book bring men’s varied roles in the HIV epidemic to the fore – men as lovers, men as partners and fathers, men who have sex with men and men’s relationship to traditional and medical male circumcision.

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