Truth is a Strange Fruit: A personal journey through the apartheid war


    Twice voted Britain’s top foreign correspondent, David Beresford has produced a ‘word picture’ of South Africa’s apartheid war. Borrowing from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and plundering his own journalism to give his ‘truth’ of the apartheid years, he has woven through the book the love letters of John Harris – the ‘station bomber’, awaiting execution on Pretoria’s death row. In combination, they paint an often harrowing and heartbreaking, but brilliant picture of South Africa. David Beresford was born in South Africa and moved to the UK in 1974. Joining The Guardian newspaper, he covered the conflicts in Ireland, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and the first Gulf War. In 1984, with the outbreak of South Africa’s township rebellions, The Guardian posted him to South Africa. In 1986, his book on the Irish hunger strike, 1 Men Dead, was published.

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