Those Who Live in Cages - A Novel (pre-order)

Terry-Ann AdamsTerry-Ann Adams


“[…] I hear the sound of the dice as it hits the pavement.
I am the smell of Cobra polish and new paint after Christmas bonuses get paid in.
These are the things that make me, me.
So welcome and enjoy your time here as you walk down my dusty streets, play drie blikkies with my children, have a dagwood and listen to Blue Magic.
Welcome to Eldorado Park.”

Those Who Live In Cages, Terry-Ann Adams

Jacana Media is proud and downright over the moon to announce the publication of the effervescent and bold, truth-telling and door-opening, Those Who Live In Cages by Terry-Ann Adams. With a nod to Marian Keyes, a curtsy to Shirley Goodness and Mercy and wave to Bernadine Evaristo, Those Who Live in Cages will change you, lift you, move you.

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This novel opens the door to the lives of five Coloured women facing life-changing challenges while trying to do the most important thing – survive another day in Eldorado Park in the south of Johannesburg.

Kaylynn, Bertha, Janice, Laverne and Raquel try to navigate their way through domestic violence, migration, coming of age and the ever-cloying patriarchy that permeate every part of living in Eldorado Park, affectionately known as Eldos by its people. These women are at different ages and stages of their lives yet connected by this one place and a community that has shaped their worldview. Through phone calls, diary entries, poems and other forms of reported speech, each woman’s struggles are told with honesty.

Written, in part, from the perspective of Eldos, this predominantly Coloured township comes alive as the reader gets a look into the heart of a community that has been branded with the image of addiction and violence. The author’s hope is to take the reader on a sensory experience that lays bare the sights, smells and soul of Eldos through the eyes of its residents and specifically these women characters. At its core, Those Who Live In Cages is a story about Coloured women, family, friendship, identity, and the many ways one can play the hand that life deals you.

About the Author

Terry-Ann Adams hails from Eldorado Park. The 20-something writer spent her childhood playing with imaginary friends and writing poems, and started her writer’s journey at the tender age of 12 when she wrote a mini memoir detailing her struggle to be accepted into mainstream schooling as a person with albinism. A cultural commentator, she hasn’t stopped writing since then. Terry-Ann’s work, written in English and Afrikaans, is inspired by and predominantly features Coloured people of South Africa. Those Who Live In Cages was inspired by her grandmother Frances ‘Poppie’ Adams. “My grandmother always wanted me to tell her story, the stories of Coloured women stuck in the townships of Johannesburg, who are often forgotten by society.” This is Terry-Ann’s first novel.

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