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(Un)covering Men

(Un)covering Men formed part of a journalistic bid to see whether it is possible to write differently about different men. The collected journalism...

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50 Flippen Brilliant South Africans

50 Flippen Brilliant South Africans is the eagerly anticipated follow-up to the bestselling 50 People Who Stuffed Up South Africa, and is once again...

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50 People Who Stuffed Up South Africa

Part history, part social commentary, 50 People Who Stuffed Up South Africa is an engrossing and edifying read that delves into South African...

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52 Ways to Grow Creative Children

52 Ways to Grow Creative Children is about connecting with your children, spending quality time and growing creatively together. It's about making a...

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89 Bags and Counting

89 Bags and Counting brings to readers and would-be travellers a fascinating but cautionary account of the exploits of Steve Chart, a man whose...

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A Basket of Leaves

Geoff Wisner has traversed the vast African continent and produced a book that is the quintessential first reader's guide to the books that capture...

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A Bit of Difference

Exposing the differences between the foreign images of Africa and the realities of contemporary Nigerian life

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A City Refracted

2013 Winner of the Ernest Cole Award With a foreword by Leon de Kock

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A Curious World

Artist/potter Hylton Nel, who celebrates his 70th birthday in 2011, has developed a distinctive style of work, rich in references to the decorative...

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A Delight of Owls

Owls, being highly nocturnal specialised nocturnal predators, perfectly adapted for their life in darkness, are difficult to study, and it requires a...

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A Dialogue of the Deaf

As part of the ongoing and necessary effort to create a UN that is truly representative of all its members, this book attempts to present the African...

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A Different Kind of AIDS: Alternative Explanations of HIV/AIDS in South African Townships

This book explores how HIV/AIDS is understood in South African townships. In South Africa, infection continues and AIDS deaths continue despite...

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A Fan’s Guide to World Rugby

An inspirational full-colour book that features entries on the world’s greatest and most exciting rugby clubs and stadiums.

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A Fold in the Map

A Fold in the Map charts two very different voyages: a tracing of the dislocations of leaving one's native country, and a searching exploration of...

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A Free Mind

During his 26 years in jail Ahmed Kathrada refused to allow the apartheid regime to confine his mind. Despite draconian prison censorship practices...

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A History of Namibia

In 1990 Namibia gained its independence after a decades-long struggle against South African rule - and, before that, against German colonialism. This...

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A is for Ancestors

A is for Ancestors is the fourth collection of works from the Caine prize for African Writing. The 2003 winner was Yvonne Adhiambo-Owuor from Kenya...

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A Kind of Magic

This book provides a completely new and fresh way of understanding the ANC, by looking at the way the organisation has marketed itself and built up a...

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A Kite's Flight

This richly illustrated book tells the story of how Andile and his father make a beautiful kite. While flying the kite, its string breaks releasing...

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A Landscape of Insects and Other Invertebrates

A Landscape of Insects and Other Invertebrates is a stepping stone in the process of documenting and conserving South Africa's huge diversity of...

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A Life in Full and Other Stories

OUT OF PRINT The shortlisted stories for the 2010 Caine Prize – often referred to as the ‘African Booker Prize’ – offer five memorable snapshots of...

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A Life of One's Own

This is a unique account of a father and daughter seeking lives of their own, each of whom is trapped in the Soviet Union by choice, circumstance and...

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A Life's Mosaic

In the preface to her autobiography Phyllis Ntantala tells us that "Like Trotsky, I did not leave home without the proverbial one-and-six in my...

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A Matter Of Honour

The South African-born Chinese community is a tiny one, consisting of 10 000 to 12 000 members in a population of approximately 45 million....

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A Memory this Size and Other Stories

A chronically shortsighted young man finds himself the target of a preacher’s miracle cure… Despite his American street phrases and his fistful of...

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A Native of Nowhere

On a warm July morning in 1965, South African writer Nat Nakasa stood facing the window of a friend’s seventh floor apartment in Central Park West....

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A Patented World?

Genetically engineered crops, patented computer programs, harvesting of human cells, and the exploitation of biodiversity, molecules and atoms for...

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A People on the Boil

A People on the Boil is a classic of South Africa resistance literature, and a key text of reportage.

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A Renegade called Simphiwe

Catapulted into national prominence with the release of her multiple-award-winning debut album, Zandisile, in 2005, Simphiwe Dana has since carved a...

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A Tapestry of Human Sexuality in Africa

A Tapestry of Human Sexuality in Africa is a colourful and intricate examination of human sexuality on the continent. All too often, sexuality in...

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A Week in the Kitchen

The Kitchen is a focal point for creativity where people from all walks of life come to feed their appetites as well as their ingenuity. Every day...

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Abahlobo abathathu netekisi

Le ntsomi uzakuyifunda umbhali wayo wayibaliselwa ngowayekhokela kwitekisi yeziqithi zeComores.

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Abangane abathathu nethekisi

Lendaba ozoyifunda umbhali wayixoxelwa indoda yendawo esethekisini esiqhingini saseComores.

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Abangani abathathu neteksi

Indaba ecocwako ozoyifunda le ithome yatjelwa umtloli atjelwa mswa othileko wakileyo ndawo obekahlahla indlela ngeteksini esihlengeleni sangeComores.

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Absent: The English Teacher

When Mr George loses his job teaching English at a private secondary school in Bulawayo, 'his pension payout, after forty years of full-time service,...

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Africa Lens

20 years of remarkable Getaway photography has culminated in the vivid photographic passport to Africa that is Africa Lens.

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Africa Remix

Africa Remix features the work of more than 85 artists from 25 countries on the African continent and the Diaspora.

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Africa Trek

Relentless sun, wild animal attacks, crossing countries in crisis... Three years, eleven countries, 1200 families, 14 000 kilometers of...

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Africa Trek 2

Three years, eleven countries, 1,200 families, 14,000 kilometers of adventures while walking in the footsteps of mankind through the Cradle of Life.

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Africa's Human Rights Architecture

Africa in the new millennium is characterised by a growing collection of human rights actors and institutions. Africa's Human Rights Architecture is...

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Africa's Peacemaker?

South Africa has done much in the 15 years since the fall of apartheid to establish its leadership on the continent. It has been a constant architect...

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African Cookboy

The intricate networks of township crime are slowly unraveled as Shatterproof gives apartheid-era authority the finger and merrily exploits any...

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African Delights

African Delights is a unique literary journey through some critical moments in South African history. The journey begins in Sophiatown of the 1950s,...

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African Pens 2011

Write! Africa Write! SAPEN brings you a brand new anthology of writings from Africa, a collection that will give the reader insight into what...

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African Psycho

African Psycho concerns a would-be serial killer, Gregoire Nabakobomayo, and the spiritual relationship he has developed with his phantom mentor.

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African Solutions

This volume is a result of research into the policies, programmes and experiences identified as best practices in the Country Review Reports (CRRs)...

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African Violet and other stories

Nigeria’s Rotimi Babatunde has won the 2012 Caine Prize for African Writing, described as Africa’s leading literary award, for his short story...

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African Wild Dogs

450 is optimistically the number of free-ranging African wild dogs left in South Africa. If ever a charismatic, African species could be considered...

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Metropolises often evoke images of flashy high-rise buildings, permanent background noise, backed-up cars and people moving quickly in all directions...

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After the Rain

Tony Frost's uniquely African leadership book takes the lessons learned from our abundant and diverse wildlife, and recasts them into practical ideas...

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Dangos wakes up on Monday morning with a dreadful sneeze. Her Aunty wants to take special care of her and so Dangos misses out on climbing trees,...

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Ah Big Yaws?

Robin Malan's hilarious look at the way in which a type of South African pronounces English words has been an institution. Decades after this hit...

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Alex La Guma

Best known as a novelist and political activist, Alex la Guma (1925–85) was also a journalist, comic strip artist, reviewer, sketcher, painter, short...

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All is Fish

Three remarkable characters try, in their own ways, to make sense of the world and their relationship to each other - inextricably linked by fate,...

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Amabhrugu Amade

Le yindatjana yesibili emayelana nekonyana lekomo YESINTU elibizwa bona ngunKhala.

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Amabumbeko akiyo yoke indawo

The world is full of shapes. Everywhere you look you see circles, triangles and squares.

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Amboseli Map (folded map)

Side one of this folded map features a map of the National Park, the Amboseli wet season Dispersal Area and the Selenkay Conservation Area Track...

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An African Christmas Cloth (Hardcover)

This is the children's book parents will buy for themselves, as much as for their children! Artist/writer, Reviva Schermbrucker, has done what must...

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An Eloquent Picture Gallery

Fritsch’s portraits of southern African people are extraordinary images, bringing to life a whole gallery of both known and unknown figures with...

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An Elusive Harvest

An Elusive Harvest tells the story of the Land Development Unit that was active during the critical period when South Africa was transforming itself...

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An Intimate War

An Intimate War is a tumultuous love story, and an exploration of a dangerously addictive relationship between a man and a woman who come from...

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ANC: A View From Moscow

This book describes the history of the African National Congress (ANC) of South Africa in the three decades following its banning.

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Animals of Southern Africa

Filled with fascinating facts, this series looks at the extraordinary animals living in southern Africa.

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Animals of Southern Africa - Birds

Filled with fascinating facts, this series looks at the extraordinary animals living in southern Africa. Discover the amazing adaptations that...

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Animals of Southern Africa - Frogs and Reptiles

Filled with fascinating facts, this series looks at the extraordinary animals living in southern Africa. Discover the amazing adaptations that...

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Animals of Southern Africa - Insects and Other Vertebrates

Filled with fascinating facts, this series looks at the extraordinary animals living in southern Africa. Discover the amazing adaptations that...

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Animals of Southern Africa - Mammals

Filled with fascinating facts, this series looks at the extraordinary animals living in southern Africa. Discover the amazing adaptations that...

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Animals of Southern Africa - Marine Life

Filled with fascinating facts, this series looks at the extraordinary animals living in southern Africa. Discover the amazing adaptations that...

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Annie Bell’s Baking Bible

In this beautifully illustrated book, Annie Bell explains the techniques that produce perfect results every time, whether baking sponge cakes,...

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Another Country: South Africa’s New Portraits

Another Country, South Africa: New Portraits is based on South Africans’ views on the country and personal history; it gives an unvarnished account...

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Another Week in The Kitchen

While you were cooking up all sorts of deliciousness from A Week in The Kitchen, we were busy cooking up even more deliciousness in Another Week in...

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Dangos wakes up on Monday morning with a dreadful sneeze. Her Aunty wants to take special care of her and so Dangos misses out on climbing trees,...

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Armed and Dangerous

First published in 1993, Armed and Dangerous was one of the earliest struggle memoirs to deal from a personal perspective with the formation and...

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Art & Revolution

Professor Diana Wylie’s beautifully written literary biography reveals the struggles inside and around a gentle South African artist, Thami Mnyele,...

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A story of collaboration and betrayal in the anti-apartheid struggle

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Asylum of the Birds

The images in Asylum of the Birds have been photographed entirely within the confines of a house in a Johannesburg suburb, the location of which...

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At the Heart of Healing in Cape Town

This book takes a new look at the history of Groote Schuur Hospital, examining the experiences of staff and patients, clinical practice and research,...

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Dangos wakes up on Monday morning with a dreadful sneeze. Her Aunty wants to take special care of her and so Dangos misses out on climbing trees,...

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Bababe! Awa

Dangos wakes up on Monday morning with a dreadful sneeze. Her Aunty wants to take special care of her and so Dangos misses out on climbing trees,...

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Baby Baobab

Baby Baobab may be the tallest, greenest tree, but can he learn to share?

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Back in From the Anger

Roger Lucey’s life journey was changed radically by events that he only found out about a decade and a half after they had happened. By that time...

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Back Roads of the Cape

Back Roads is not a travel guide with lists of hotels and restaurants. Instead, the pages are taken up with historical narratives, personal...

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Bafana Bafana

Bafana Bafana is not only a book about soccer; it is also a book about having dreams and chasing them. It is a book about making your own way in the...

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Bagwera ba bararo le thekisi

Nonwane ye o tlilego go e bala, e anegetšwe mongwadi la mathomo ke mohlahli wa baeti wa selegae ka thekising, ka dihlakahlakeng tša Comores.

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Baie dankie, Jackson

Another brilliantly written book from Niki and Jude Daly. This warm-hearted story, with spectacular illustrations by world-renowned artist Jude Daly...

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Baile le Moketa

Written and illustrated in 1973 by one of South Africa’s most famous artists, Gerard Sekoto, Shorty and Billy Boy is a book for children as well as...

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Bamthola u-Anti uJabulile

A delightful new series by Jenny Hatton exquisitely brought to life by award-winning illustrator, Joan Rankin.

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Bangani labatsatfu netekisi

Lenganekwane lotayifundza nyalo yacale yatekwa ngulosita tivakashi, ayiteka kumbhali basetekisini le etichingini teComores.

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BaNguni LabaShaphu

Tfole Nguni bekakhatsateke kabi. ‘Mine angisi shaphu kahle,’ akhala kuMake Nkhomati Nguni.

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Banquet at Brabazan

In Banquet at Brabazan, Patricia Schonstein takes us to the heart of Cape Town's violent inner city, creating a cornucopia of events featuring superb...

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Baobab Trails

Clive Walker has changed the face of conservation in South Africa and devoted his life to the preservation of our wildlife and natural heritage....

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Battle for the President's Elephants

Searching for something more than her high-flying IT-executive life was offering her, Sharon Pincott traded her privileged First World existence to...

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Beat About the Bush: Birds

Beat About The Bush Birds is the highly anticipated comprehensive reference work in the popular Beat About the Bush series by Trevor Carnaby.

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Beat About the Bush: Mammals

The series answers all those everyday questions that are prompted by visits to the bush. It fills the gap in existing literature and field guides...

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Beat about the Bush: Mammals and Birds (Revised and Updated)

In 2005, when the first Beat about the Bush was published, it was an instant success and everyone wanted more. Instead of simply reprinting the book,...

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Becoming Zimbabwe

Becoming Zimbabwe tracks the idea of national belonging and citizenship and explores the nature of state rule, the changing contours of the political...

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Beginnings of a Dream

"...Rapola is a true fabulist whose stories go beyond the documentary realism of most of South African fiction to a hyper-realistic plane of African...

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Ben Trovato's Art of Survival

The five most frequently used sentences in South Africa: It wasn't me. One for the road. You're lucky to be alive. It could have been worse. No...

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Besoekersgids Nasionale Kruger Wildtuin

OUT OF STOCK Die Groot 5 Voëls en ander Kampkaarte Kampfasiliteite en afstande Kruger-afmerklys

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Best of Getaway Funny Signs

Join Getaway as they look back over twenty-odd years of The Best of Getaway Funny Signs collection. Share in the spirit of the readers of Getaway as...

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