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As You Like It

“We are homosexuals, heterosexuals, bisexuals, transsexuals and whateversexuals, burning to rescue this continent …” – Pwaangulongii Dauod

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Health and Hope in our Hands

Health and Hope in our Hands is an extremely valuable tool, providing practical and valuable advice on how to address HIV and AIDS treatment, care...

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Hearing Visions Seeing Voices

Hearing Visions Seeing Voices reveals how Mmatshilo Motsei, drawing strength from the inspiration of her ancestors, embarked upon a spiritual quest...

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Human Sexuality in Africa

It can generally be assumed that there are two reasons for people to have sex - to have children and to have fun. This book looks at the fun aspects.

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In Love & Intimate

In Love and Intimate is a book borne out of love. In June 1980 Jerry got married to his wife Claudine and they have been together since. This book is...

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Islam Explained

Islam Explained is at once an essential introduction to one of the world's great religions and a cry for tolerance and understanding in deeply...

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One Woman Walking

Loss of love is a universal theme. Abandonment is a primal fear. Divorce severs not only connection to others but often to ourselves, becoming a...

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Pride: Protest and Celebration is a history of South Africa's gay pride marches and parades over the last 16 years. It brings together a host of...

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Spiral of Entrapment

Sponsored by the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation and endorsed by the Human Rights Foundation, Spiral of Entrapment deals with...

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Stephanie Vermeulen, best known for debunking myths about emotional intelligence, does it again in her new book Stitched-up, where she demystifies...

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