Market Day Issue 1

Tying down this iconic food market in one volume would be to disregard its nature

The Market Day Journal started out as an idea for a book, but Russel Wasserfall soon realised that any attempt to tie down the iconic food market at the Biscuit Mill in Cape Town in one volume would be to disregard its nature. With designer Roxy Spears, he conceptualised a series of journals which, like the market itself, are living things which have the capacity to change constantly, with each successive iteration. 

This is the first of a series of four journals that look at the seasons and tides of the market over the course of two years. By the time you read this, things will have moved on. Steve Jeffrey will have a new sausage on offer, the price of a Dasdog Mandog will have changed, but that doesn’t matter. Each story is a glimpse of what we found at the Neighbourgoods Market on the days we were there.

Parameters of Book: 
Author: Russel Wasserfall
ISBN: 9781928247005
d-PDF ISBN: 9781928247012
Size (mm): 195x204mm
Pages: 118pp
Format: Paperback
Colour: Colour
Rights: World
Language: English
Publication Date: February 2015