Zumanomics: Which Way to Shared Prosperity in South Africa? Essays in Political Economy comes to grips with many of the elements of the socio-economic agenda which the country should be contemplating post-2009.

South Africa stands at an historical political and economic crossroad in 2009. Globally the widespread world recession has serious consequences for the slowing South African economy – and 2009 is seen as a tough year for business and consumers. Politically it seems that, while the ANC-Cosatu-SACP Alliance is likely to win the 2009 elections, important changes in economic direction are possible for South Africa. What does a Zuma Presidency hold in store for the economy and business prospects? What kind of policies will – and should – a Zuma government follow in the wake of the ANC Polokwane Conference in December 2007? How far to the ‘left’ will a Zuma government swing and what are the economic and business constraints on their options?

Zumanomics: Which Way to Shared Prosperity in South Africa? – Essays in Political Economy comes to grips with many of the elements of the socio-economic agenda which the country should be contemplating post-2009. A range of 11 essays by top economic and political analysts outlines key socio-economic realities that will confront a new government and offers 70 key findings and recommendations as to how they can best be managed. Controversial issues being addressed include interest rate policy, labour market questions, the role of the State as well as implications of the breakaway COPE party for South Africa’s political future.

Edited by prominent economist Raymond Parsons, the essayists include such leading analysts as Iraj Abedian, Adam Habib and Olu Akinboade. What they have to say in this highly topical book will be of concern to all those who have a vital interest or stake in the future of South Africa. It is a book of consequence for intelligent laypersons, businesspeople, economists, trade unionists, bureaucrats and politicians. The wide-ranging but focused analyses presented in this collection of essays will provide valuable insights into the economic and political roadmap that South Africa needs in the years ahead if shared prosperity is to be achieved on a much bigger scale.

About the Author
Raymond Parsons
presently teaches at the Department of Economic and Management Sciences at the University of Pretoria. Professor Parsons is also currently the Overall Business Convenor at the National Economic Development and Labour Council (NEDLAC) which is the major social dialogue institution in South Africa. He is a key contributor to public and academic debate on a broad spectrum of issues of critical importance to the political economy of SA. He is a recognised authority on the SA economy and its implications for the business community. He studied economics at the Universities of Cape Town, Oxford and Copenhagen, before playing a leading role in organised business in SA for many years.

From 2000-2003 he was a visiting professor at the School of Economic and Business Sciences at the University of the Witwatersrand and is also an honorary professor in the Department of Economics and Economic History at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU). He also holds an honorary doctorate from the NMMU. He serves on the NMMU Council (appointed by the Minister of Education). Professor Parsons is the Immediate Past-President of the Economic Society of South Africa (ESSA), and is presently also Chairperson of the MTN Foundation in Johannesburg.

He is a member of the Management Committee and Executive Council of Business Unity South Africa (BUSA), as well as regularly acting as an Economic Consultant to BUSA. In 2004 former President Thabo Mbeki appointed Professor Parsons to the Board of Directors of the SA Reserve Bank and he was reappointed in 2008. He is the author/editor of three recent books – The Mbeki Inheritance: SA’s Economy 1990-2004, Parsons’ Perspective – Focus on the Economy, and Manuel, Markets and Money – Essays in Appraisal.

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Sub-title: Which Way to Shared Prosperity in South Africa?
Author: Raymond Parsons
ISBN: 9781770096479
Size (mm): 235x155mm
Pages: 208pp
format: Paperback
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Language: English
Publication Date: January 2009