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Zunami! The 2009 South African Election

The South African general elections of April 2009 were the most momentous and important since the 'miracle' elections for a democratic Parliament in...

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Zumanomics Revisited

Zumanomics Revisited is a sequel to the successful 2009 publication, Zumanomics – Which Way to Shared Prosperity in South Africa? This was a...

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Zumanomics: Which Way to Shared Prosperity in South Africa? Essays in Political Economy comes to grips with many of the elements of the...

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Zimbabwe's Land Reform Myths & Realities

Ten years after the Zimbabwean land invasions of 2000, Zimbabwe’s Land Reform: Myths and Realities by Ian Scoones and colleagues, provides the first...

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Zimbabwe Takes Back It's Land

Zimbabwe Takes Back Its Land finds that the new farmers are doing relatively well, improving their lives and becoming increasingly productive,...

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Zimbabwe in Transition

Zimbabwe’s transition to democracy in the post-independence era has been a very difficult one. To date, there have been a number of sustained efforts...

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Writing the Decline

A Compelling Invitation to Take Democracy Seriously

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Women: South Africans of Indian Origin

Women: South Africans of Indian origin steps into a critical gap in our understanding of our evolution into a society united in its diversity.

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Women's Rights

All over the world, women and girls are being denied their social, economic, political and civil rights. The aim of this book is to expose this...

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With my Head above the Parapet: An insider account of the ANC in power

‘There is no room for sentimentality in politics and I am no mood to put a rosy gloss on where we are now.’ – Ben Turok

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