Entrepreneurship 101

Entrepreneurship 101
Tackling the basics of business start-up in South Africa

Entrepreneurship 101 aims to educate South Africans about the fundamentals of entrepreneurship while

looking at a uniquely South African business environment.

This book will help aspirant entrepreneurs understand the very basics of running a business in

South Africa. It will discuss what entrepreneurship is all about and guide the reader on the journey of

starting a business. It will take them from a business idea, on a step-by-step process to synching the deal

with their first client. It will address, among others:how to raise start-up capital, identify the bottlenecks

that many entrepreneurs face in our country as well as explaining our unique labour laws.


South Africa is beset with a number of unique socio-political factors, i.e. the crisis of high

unemployment, which often leads to poverty, and ultimately inequality and to high rates of crime.

The National Development Plan (NDP) – our national policy until 2030, the private sector and

government all agree that entrepreneurship is the only reasonable catalyst to solve the problem. The

challenge, however, is that those who are most affected by the scourge of unemployment do not

have a firm grasp of what ‘entrepreneurship’ is. Joshula Maluleke has included a section on

frequently asked questions at the back of the book in an attempt to provide in-depth answers to some of

the questions he gets asked at his entrepreneurship talks. Questions like: Can I register my spaza

shop? I have registered a business with CIPC and government has not given me an opportunity to do

business, what must I do?



Joshua Maluleke is a manager at Deloitte Consulting. Currently a regular columnist for BONA

magazine on entrepreneurship, after a year of being a weekly entrepreneurship columnist for at

DRUM magazine. He is also a highly sought-after speaker on the topic of entrepreneurship.


Parameters of Book: 
Author: Joshua Maluleke
ISBN: 978-1-928337-16-4
mobi file ISBN:  
Size (mm): 210x148mm
Pages: 145pp
Format: Trade Paperback
Colour: Black and White
Rights: World Rights
Language: English
Publication Date: April 2016