Cape Fusion

A celebration of life, wine and delicious out-of-the-ordinary fusion food

South Africa’s fusion father, Shane Sauvage, is back with an ocean-inspired, all-new take on South African regional ingredients and flavours. Owner of La Pentola restaurant, Shane Sauvage is the winner of the American Express Platinum Fine Dinning Award for the eleventh year running, only 1 of 89 restaurants country wide to carry this honour. Chef Shane is taking food creation and wine pairing to another level. 

With combinations to tempt the palate and fill your table with a feast of innovative and delicious cuisine made easy for the home cook, Cape Fusion is a sensory journey amplified by world-class, step-by-step food photography and scenic photography capturing the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.

A unique feature of this recipe book that raises it a notch above the rest is the interactive food and wine pairing chapter. Here with the use of videography and QR coding you can experience first-hand interaction between Chef Shane and multi award-winning wine maker Johann Fourie of KWV. All created to further your understanding of ‘Terrior’ cultivars, regionality and how they influence the pairing process.

Three decades of dedication to his passion and a fresh adventurous lust for life are the base ingredients that make this book. A must for every kitchen where creativity knows no bounds and the celebration of life rules supreme.

Cape Fusion is Shane’s third book, his second book In Fusion (2009) won the best South African chefs book published at the Gourmand Awards 2009. His first book Edge of Fusion, was published in 2007.


About the Author

Shane Sauvage started out in the restaurant business over 30 years ago from bus boy to head waiter, from prep chef to executive chef working in some of Gauteng’s top restaurants until opening La Pentola in 1995. With La Pentola as a platform Shane’s career soared to new heights and with the invention of Aztec Mushrooms Shane’s television career became a reality working on ETV in the mornings along side South Africa’s top comedians. With television exposure La Pentola exploded from a forty-seater restaurant into a hundred seats buzzing with energy and creativity. He was also asked to represent South African chefs at the prestigious Good Food and Wine Show where he shared the stage with all the big names in BBC food (From Brian Turner to James Martin). Sauvage is the proud holder of a blazon awarded by the Chaines Des Rotiseurs of France. Now with his second restaurant in Hermanus he continues to delight locals and tourists alike with his unique home grown South African fusion cuisine.


Parameters of Book:
Author: Shane Sauvage
ISBN: 9781431421763
d-PDF ISBN: 9781431422166
Size (mm): 297x230mm
Pages: 192pp
Format: Paperback
Colour: Full Colour
Rights: World
Language: English
Publication Date: September 2015