The Irish-trained chef Jason Comins teams up with acclaimed lifestyle photographer Russel Wasserfall to produce a sumptuous yet straightforward men's guide to cooking delicious food.

When it comes to food, it’s no longer cool for men to stare in confusion at pots and other kitchen stuff, meekly offering to wash dishes in exchange for meals. Social acceptance hinges on having a few killer recipes up your sleeve and a passing knowledge of what does what in the kitchen.

However attractive one’s ability to handle a frying pan as a weapon may be, it does have other uses – such as whipping up a feast. Bloke is here to help any man emerge from the kitchen not only triumphant… but also applauded.

About the Authors
Jason Comins trained as a chef under the famous UK chef Darina Allen during his time at Ballymaloe in Ireland. He now spends much of his time running chef training programmes, as well as spending about 5 months a year in Norway where he manages a salmon fishing lodge.

Russel Wasserfall is a well-known international food and lifestyle photographer. Over the past few years he has also branched out to writing, store design and marketing. He was responsible for coming up with the concept for Bloke.

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