Madam & Eve Shed Happens

Where were you 23 years ago, when the first
Madam & Eve was released?

Twenty-three issues later and still fresh as ever! Shed Happens is filled with gags and outrageous punchlines that will have you chuckling way, way after you’ve put this book down.

Madam, Eve, Thandi and Mother Anderson, with some of their assorted relatives and friends, take us into the rabbit hole of domestic and political life in South Africa. Tackling serious topics while helping us as South Africans laugh at ourselves … and our politicians.

If you were not in the country for the past couple of months, here is a book that will connect the dots for you, from load shedding (revealing the 10 Stages of Load Shedding Grief), to the much talked about Nkandla debacle, to the EFF chanting “Pay back the money!” – and getting kicked out of parliament – as well as a host of other hot topics.

Stephen Francis is the writing half of the Madam & Eve team. Born in the United States in 1949, Stephen moved to South Africa in 1988. In 1992, witnessing the interesting and often funny dynamic between his South African mother-in-law and her domestic housekeeper, he conceptualised the Madam & Eve strip. Stephen Francis is also an award-winning script writer, and radio and TV personality.

Rico forms the other half of the creative team – as illustrator. Born in Austria in 1966, he now lives and works in Johannesburg, and has been drawing cartoons ever since he was old enough to hold a pencil. Besides his work on Madam & Eve, Rico also produces illustrations for a wide range of other publications.


Parameters of Book:
ISBN: 9781431422708
E-book ISBN:  
Size (mm): 195x240mm
Pages: 136pp
Format: Paperback
Colour: Colour
Rights: World rights
Language: English
Publication Date: October 2015