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This delightful collection of humorous stories is set in the mythical village of Ystervarkrivier (Ace-Turf-Arc-Riff-Ear) – a forgotten outpost of the...

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Will the Real Ben Trovato Please Stand Up?

Ben Trovato is a man of letters, incisive wit and occasional lapses of judgment. He is a writer who refuses to be restrained within the conventional...

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Vuvuzela Nation

VuvuzelaNation is a collection of more than 200 iconic cartoons from the nation’s sharpest bestselling cartoonist telling the curious, glorious,...

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Twilight of the Vuvuzelas

Another satirical winner from this sharp and witty creative team. The motley crew of Madam, Eve, Thandi and Mother Anderson are like old friends to...

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In her humorous collection of columns, award-winning writer Giselle Willcox offers readers a wonderful collation of the chronology of three years of...

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The Red Card

This is it. The best of the best from In print. On the page. In your own hands. TAKE A BREATH. TAKE A BREAK. HAVE A LAUGH. Fresh,...

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The Pothole at the End of the Rainbow

Another satirical winner from this sharp and witty creative team. The motley crew of Madam, Eve, Thandi and Mother Anderson are like old friends to...

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The Last Sushi

South Africans calling for our moral compass to be reactivated need look no further than Zapiro’s latest annual, The Last Sushi.

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The Dot Spot

‘A journey of sexual self-discovery for anyone wanting to broaden their horizon and boost their sexual self-esteem’ – Dr Trina E Read

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The Ben Trovato (mis)guide to Golf

"Side-splittingly funny and irreverent." – Sunday Tribune

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Take Two Veg and Call Me In the Morning

The twelfth annual collection of Zapiro cartoons from the Mail&Guardian, Sunday Times & Independent newspapers.

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Strike While the Iron is Hot

Another hilarious collection from Stephen Francis and Rico.

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Send in the Clowns

Stephen Francis and Rico have pulled the twenty-second Madam & Eve collection out of the hat – a showcase of jokes and pranks from the characters we...

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Rhodes Rage

Zapiro is armed with ink and driven by outrage in this his 20th annual collection of cartoons

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Pirates of Polokwane

This is the 13th annual collection of Zapiro cartoons from the Mail& Guardian, Sunday Times and Independent newspapers.

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My Big Fat Gupta Wedding

Zapiro needs no introduction. His eighteenth annual speaks for itself. No year would be complete without Zapiro’s annual collection of cartoons, and...

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Mother Anderson’s Secret Book of Wit & Wisdom

In this special Madam and Eve volume, Mother Anderson shares her thoughts on surviving life’s twists and turns with a little help from her old friend...

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Marrying Black Girls for Guys who aren’t Black

White guy Hagen Engler had been married to his black wife for a couple of years before he realised he was still a racist!

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Maid in SA

Maid in SA: 30 Ways to Leave your Madam is a laugh-out-loud take on a woman’s home, but is as serious as the security guards in gated communities.

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