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We Walk Straight So You Better Get Out The Way

I remember shaving off my beard in the bathroom on the eve of the camp, with Mahalia Jackson singing rousing spirituals from the living room....

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Sharp Sharp Zulu Dog

Vusi, an eleven-year-old Zulu boy growing up in poverty in rural South Africa, is enchanted by the helpless puppy he finds in the bush and adopts it...

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In Tangier We Killed the Blue Parrot

In Tangier we Killed the Blue Parrot is a novel set in Morocco in the 1940s and weaves a story around the well-known writers, Paul and Jane Bowles....

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The Track

'The Track' is a railway track that connects DeRust with the outside world and Oudtshoorn.

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The Dreamcloth

It is 1994 and Mia, a strong-willed journalist in her late twenties, is returning home to Johannesburg after a decade embroiled in conflict zones...

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Flying to Disneyland

Fat and over forty, Ethne is not happy. In a flat above, thin and over forty, Derek is frightened. Mortimer comes into their lives with panache and...

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The Silent Minaret

Ishtiyaq Shukri's first novel poses questions about what happens to belief when personal ideals are betrayed by world events.

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The King's Shilling

There are two kinds of wars: one is external, a public war for all the world to witness; the other intensely private, glimpsed at by only a few.

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Chaos Theory of the Heart

In the kaleidoscope that is Lionel Abrahams, we find poet and wit, lover and critic, a voice speaking to us – especially to poets – with an...

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White Scars

A new book by South African author Denis Hirson, White Scars focuses on four books which Hirson himself read obsessively in different phases of his...

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