What is Fanele?

Fanele is an imprint of Jacana Media. The word Fanele means \"necessary\" in Xhosa, Tsonga and Zulu. Jacana Media publishes stories that we feel are necessary to be told, but that would not necessarily be published using a conventional publishing model, under the Fanele publishing model.

Jacana believes that there are authors and organisations who have learnings and stories to share – learnings that may otherwise be lost or never reach a broader audience. The Fanele publishing model allows access to information and a sharing of knowledge.

How does the Fanele publishing model work?

Fanele offers a customised publishing service to NGOs, corporates and authors who have stories to tell and have a vested interest in making them available to the general public. The model provides for up-front funding of the production and printing costs of a book. Jacana then undertakes sales, distribution and marketing.

Royalties are paid to the funders or authors, enabling them to recoup costs over time.
The model is a wonderful way to celebrate the achievements of an organisation, or to tell the stories of individual heroes and group struggles.

Who has Fanele worked with?

Current and past collaborators include:


This unique publishing model allows funded organisations to produce a concrete end product which serves as a tangible outcome of successful implementation of funding.


Queries can be sent to or phone 011 628 3239.

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The Islanders

Moira Forjaz has captured the life stories of the inhabitants of Ilha de Moçambique by not only photographing them but through a series of interviews...

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The Eagle and the Springbok – Essays on Nigeria and South Africa

Nigeria and South Africa account for about a third of Africa’s economic might, and have led much of its conflict management initiatives over the last...

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Rervese Sweep

Reverse Sweep

A Story of post-apartheid South African Cricket

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Mozambique 1975/1985

Moira Forjaz arrived in Johannesburg in 1960 from Bulawayo and it was here that she forged the friendships which would shape her life. Ruth First,...

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Political Parties in Africa

Democratic governance systems need strong and well- established parties to channel the demands of citizens, govern in the public good and satisfy the...

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Institutional Architecture & Development

South-South Cooperation has come a long way since the Buenos Aires Declaration of 1978. In 2010 the UN estimated that global volumes of SSC amounted...

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The Congress of the People and Freedom Charter: A People’s History

The Congress of the People – where the Freedom Charter was formally approved by several thousand delegates – was held over the weekend of 25–26 June...

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China and Mozambique: From Comrades to Capitalists

The wide range of reactions to greater Chinese involvement across Africa has varied from enthusiastic embrace by elites to caution from businesses,...

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A Different Kind of AIDS: Alternative Explanations of HIV/AIDS in South African Townships

This book explores how HIV/AIDS is understood in South African townships. In South Africa, infection continues and AIDS deaths continue despite...

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Experiencing Sophiatown: Conversations among Residents about the Past, Present and Future of a Community

Experiencing Sophiatown: Conversations among Residents about the Past, Present and Future of a Community is a book in which Sophiatown residents...

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Not no Place

Based on the concept of the unfinished project Passegen-Werk by Walter Benjamin (which worked towards encapsulating in book form the identity of 19th...

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(Un)covering Men

(Un)covering Men formed part of a journalistic bid to see whether it is possible to write differently about different men. The collected journalism...

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Breaking the Silence: Sisterhood

Sisterhood is POWA’s 7th anthology of poems, short stories and personal essays. The anthology embodies the meaning of sisterhood, of relationships in...

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Shoe Shop

Shoe Shop is an anthology and an experiment in imagining different paths, speaking in different tongues – on Africa, movement, public art, migration,...

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DON'T/PANIC brings together many powerful voices as it engages African artists dealing with the current ecological situation. Many of these voices...

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Zimbabwe in Transition

Zimbabwe’s transition to democracy in the post-independence era has been a very difficult one. To date, there have been a number of sustained efforts...

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African Solutions

This volume is a result of research into the policies, programmes and experiences identified as best practices in the Country Review Reports (CRRs)...

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UN Peacekeeping in Africa

Nearly half of all UN peacekeeping missions in the post–Cold War era have been in Africa, and the continent currently hosts the greatest number (and...

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Hope, Pain and Patience

As in many post-conflict countries, the roles played by women during Sudan’s long-lasting liberation struggle continue to go unrecognised. Thousands...

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Breaking the Silence: Love and Revolution

This year’s collection consists of three sections: poetry, short stories and personal essays that tell of diverse women’s experiences of love;...

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Grappling with Governance

Born out of the optimism at the new millennium that Africa’s time had come, the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM), a tool designed to promote good...

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What is Left Unsaid

Reporting the South African HIV Epidemic - Selected Journalism, Research and Analysis, 2003-2010.

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A Tapestry of Human Sexuality in Africa

A Tapestry of Human Sexuality in Africa is a colourful and intricate examination of human sexuality on the continent. All too often, sexuality in...

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Breaking the Silence: Journeys to Recovery

Survivors of violence are often forced to flee - emotionally and geographically - from sites of violence. Women cross vast emotional and geographical...

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Trade Reform in Southern Africa

This book comes at an important time in the development of Southern Africa's trade policy. Trade policy and trade performance are important elements...

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An Elusive Harvest

An Elusive Harvest tells the story of the Land Development Unit that was active during the critical period when South Africa was transforming itself...

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The Blue Book

This book provides the first comprehensive and complete history of Western Province cricket and the Cape Cobras in the 121 years from 1890 to 2011.

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The African Women's Protocol

On 25 November 2005, the Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa, also known as the African...

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Steps by Steps

The Steps for the Future documentary film project began in 2000, as a shared journey by talented African filmmakers and well-known professionals from...

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Black Bull, Ancestors and Me

As a sangoma, Nkunzi is able to explore dimensions of her sexual identity because of her relationship with both male and female ancestors. Nkunzi...

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Africa's Human Rights Architecture

Africa in the new millennium is characterised by a growing collection of human rights actors and institutions. Africa's Human Rights Architecture is...

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Breaking the Silence: Stories from the Other(ed) Woman

OUT OF PRINT This, the fifth highly successful annual POWA Breaking the Silence collection, contains the three categories of poetry, short stories...

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Breaking the Silence: Murmurs of the Girl In Me

The POWA Women's Writing Competition was launched in 2004, to celebrate POWA's 25 years of existence. It is continuing to make a positive...

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To Have and to Hold

30 November 2006 saw South Africa become the first country in Africa to legalise marriage for same-sex couples. To Have and To Hold: The Making of...

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The African Union and its Institutions

The African Union and its Institutions brings together the analysis and research of 17 largely Pan-African scholars, policy-makers, practitioners and...

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Human Sexuality in Africa

It can generally be assumed that there are two reasons for people to have sex - to have children and to have fun. This book looks at the fun aspects.

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TRANS: Transgender life stories from South Africa

TRANS: Transgender life stories from South Africa takes the reader on a journey into the many worlds inhabited by transgender South Africans.

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Climate Change and Trade

The long-awaited Copenhagen summit on climate change gave to the world a broad political agreement, but without any teeth. Climate Change and Trade...

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Africa's Peacemaker?

South Africa has done much in the 15 years since the fall of apartheid to establish its leadership on the continent. It has been a constant architect...

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A Dialogue of the Deaf

As part of the ongoing and necessary effort to create a UN that is truly representative of all its members, this book attempts to present the African...

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Pride: Protest and Celebration is a history of South Africa's gay pride marches and parades over the last 16 years. It brings together a host of...

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