Tincwadzi tibangani

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Kute lokwehlula incwadzi yendzaba lemnandzi!

Kute lokwehlula incwadzi yendzaba lemnandzi!

Incwadzi yetindzaba ingutishela, ikwabela imicondvo ikunikete nelwati.

Tincwadzi tibangani highlights through rich text the amazing and FUN world of reading and books, from reading in the bath, to taking care of books and sharing ideas.


Parameters of Book: Book
Author: Indzaba ngu Carole Bloch, Imidvwebo ngu Alzette Prins
ISBN: 9781770094949
E-book ISBN:  
Size (mm): 240x170mm
Pages: 24pp
format: Paperback
Colour: Full Colour
Rights: World
Language: SiSwati
Publication Date: 2010-10-30
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