English children's picture books

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Bushbaby Night

"In the forest All is Quiet Except for the chirps and tinklings of frogs And the faint squeak of a bat. Bushbabies run quiet as shadows Along...

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An African Christmas Cloth (Hardcover)

This is the children's book parents will buy for themselves, as much as for their children! Artist/writer, Reviva Schermbrucker, has done what must...

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Three Friends and a Taxi

Three Friends and a Taxi is a tale first told to the author by a local guide in a taxi in the islands of the Comores.

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The Cool Nguni

The Cool Nguni is a richly illustrated story about a young Nguni calf who questions his identity in relation to other cattle breeds from across the...

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God's Dream

In warm and simple words, Nobel Peace Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu reaches out to children everywhere with his inspiring message of love and...

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The Zebra and the Hyena

This is the story of how quick-thinking Zebra tricks the hungry Hyena into not eating him for dinner, with very prickly results.

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I Could be Anywhere

Thandi and her doll Nosipho dream of a better life, but ultimately realise that Thandi's grandmother's love surpasses all.

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Jingle-jingle in my Pocket

Thandi needs new shoes and she knows they are going to cost a lot of money for her Gogo. So, together they work out a plan to get the money with a...

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Taking the Cows Home

Would you believe that there is a farm in the middle of Cape Town? Ducks, geese, pigs, sheep and cows live on André’s farm, a stone’s throw from the...

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The Long Trousers

Back by popular demand, Jacana Media is proud to announce the next title in the Nguni series by the award-winning Bester sisters. In this new story,...

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Nyama and the Eland

This is the coming-of-age story of Nyama, a young San girl, as she listens to her grandmother's traditional stories. She takes part in a traditional...

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The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling retold by Sindiwe Magona and illustrated by Natalie Hinrichsen. The poor ugly duckling looks very different from the other...

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The Missing Ball

Gaps and his cousin Sugarbean want to play a game of soccer before sundown. Help them find their missing ball, hidden somewhere in this wonderful...

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Something To Do

Using rhythmic text to help build children’s reading skills, combined with gorgeous illustrations, Something to do tells the charming story of how...

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Oh No!

Dangos wakes up on Monday morning with a dreadful sneeze. Her Aunty wants to take special care of her and so Dangos misses out on climbing trees,...

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Nosipho Comes to Stay

Thandi’s parents have died of AIDS, and she must go to live with her Gogo. Memories of her family are woven throughout the making of a special doll...

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The Three Billy Goats Gruff

The Three Billy Goats Gruff are hungry and tired of living in the dusty and thorny veld. Just across the bridge there is a koppie covered in sweet,...

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A Kite's Flight

This richly illustrated book tells the story of how Andile and his father make a beautiful kite. While flying the kite, its string breaks releasing...

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The little girl who didn't want to grow up

Little Ayanda loves her father with all her heart. One day he goes away, and doesn’t return. She is so sad that she decides she doesn’t want to grow...

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The Little Red Hen

Little Red Hen is feeling peckish and decides to make bread. She makes a list of what she needs and sets out into the sunny morning. She asks her...

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