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Why Dog is Afraid of Storms

Have you ever wondered why dogs are so afraid of thunder storms?

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Who's Afraid of the Dark?

Sanele is afraid of the dark. She hears strange noises and can’t sleep. She thinks there are monsters under her bed and a lion in the house. What...

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Who Is King?

These 10 stories are drawn from the rich folklore of Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Malawi, Lesotho, Zimbabwe and South Africa, and are...

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Who is King in the Land of Kachoo?

Arm yourself with a pair of binoculars, compass and water canteen; get ready to step into a land of adventure where wild animals roam free; sit down...

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What are you doing?

Lele is very busy today. He makes his way through his house asking each family member, “What are you doing?”

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Three Friends and a Taxi

Three Friends and a Taxi is a tale first told to the author by a local guide in a taxi in the islands of the Comores.

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The Zebra and the Hyena

This is the story of how quick-thinking Zebra tricks the hungry Hyena into not eating him for dinner, with very prickly results.

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The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling retold by Sindiwe Magona and illustrated by Natalie Hinrichsen. The poor ugly duckling looks very different from the other...

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The Three Billy Goats Gruff

The Three Billy Goats Gruff are hungry and tired of living in the dusty and thorny veld. Just across the bridge there is a koppie covered in sweet,...

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The Missing Ball

Gaps and his cousin Sugarbean want to play a game of soccer before sundown. Help them find their missing ball, hidden somewhere in this wonderful...

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The Long Trousers

Back by popular demand, Jacana Media is proud to announce the next title in the Nguni series by the award-winning Bester sisters. In this new story,...

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The Little Red Hen

Little Red Hen is feeling peckish and decides to make bread. She makes a list of what she needs and sets out into the sunny morning. She asks her...

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The little girl who didn't want to grow up

Little Ayanda loves her father with all her heart. One day he goes away, and doesn’t return. She is so sad that she decides she doesn’t want to grow...

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The Lion Hunts In The Land of Kachoo

Arm yourself with a pair of binoculars, compass and water canteen; get ready to step into a land of adventure where wild animals roam free; sit down...

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The Hyena and the Seven Little Kids

Gogo Goat warns her seven little kids not to let Hyena into the house while she is gone.

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The Herd Boy

Malusi is a herd boy who tends to his grandfather’s sheep and goats among the mountains of the Transkei.

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The Cool Nguni

The Cool Nguni is a richly illustrated story about a young Nguni calf who questions his identity in relation to other cattle breeds from across the...

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Thank you, Jackson

Another brilliantly written book from Niki and Jude Daly. This warm-hearted story, with spectacular illustrations by world-renowned artist Jude Daly...

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Thando Rocker

Join Thando Rocker on his journey to the big soccer game, dare to dream and become your own hero. Like Thando, you too can overcome your fears and...

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