In 2006, Jacana Media started a new division to cater for a growing demand for books that would appeal to younger audiences. Jacana has a reputation for publishing books that are entirely southern African in content, idiom, illustration and style. Our focus has been on producing high-quality materials that are appropriate, fun and enjoyable for readers aged between two and sixteen. Jacana publishes books on a range of topics and genres, including reference books on South African history, geography and culture; award-winning illustrated children’s fiction; and challenging and current fiction for teenagers.

Most of our materials are suitable for ABET and second-language readers. Our children’s picture books are also being used as Foundation Phase readers. Jacana has made it a proud tradition to publish in all 11 official South African languages, where possible. This supports our commitment to growing a culture of reading in South Africa and allowing children to read in the vernacular.

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Children & Young Adults

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Bushbaby Night

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