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Mmago Jafta

Jafta describes his mother by comparing her to the earth and nature. He starts his descriptions with sunrise and goes through his daily tasks until...

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Tate wa Jafta

Jafta’s father is coming home. He has been away for a very long time, but things are changing in his country and now he can return. Jafta will be...

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Jafta, a young boy growing up in Africa, describes some of his everyday feelings by comparing his actions to those of various African animals. The...

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Mošemane wa Modiša

Malusi ke mošemane wa modiša yo a dišago dinku le dipudi tša rakgolo wa gagwe ka gare ga dithaba tša Transkei. Godimodimo, dintšu di a fofa mola e le...

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Lele o a lora

Lele is a very imaginative little boy. When he dreams, the world has no boundaries. He travels from the night sky, down to the sea and back up to the...

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Dangos wakes up on Monday morning with a dreadful sneeze. Her Aunty wants to take special care of her and so Dangos misses out on climbing trees,...

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Ke nako!

Zaza has a very busy and exciting day. From getting up, to singing and story time, it is always time for something fun! Join Zaza in her daily...

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O dira eng?

Lele is very busy today. He makes his way through his house asking each family member, “What are you doing?”

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Emiša, lebelela gomme o theeletše!

The rules to crossing the road are taught to children from a young age. Emiša, lebelela gomme o theeletše! uses well-known African animals, including...

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Dibopego di mo  gohle

The world is full of shapes. Everywhere you look you see circles, triangles and squares

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