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In 2006, Jacana Media started a new division to cater for a growing demand for books that would appeal to younger audiences. Jacana has a reputation for publishing books that are entirely southern African in content, idiom, illustration and style. Our focus has been on producing high-quality materials that are appropriate, fun and enjoyable for readers aged between two and sixteen. Jacana publishes books on a range of topics and genres, including reference books on South African history, geography and culture; award-winning illustrated children’s fiction; and challenging and current fiction for teenagers.

Most of our materials are suitable for ABET and second-language readers. Our children’s picture books are also being used as Foundation Phase readers. Jacana has made it a proud tradition to publish in all 11 official South African languages, where possible. This supports our commitment to growing a culture of reading in South Africa and allowing children to read in the vernacular.

For the full PDF version of the Jacana Children\'s Catalogue, click here.

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’n Vlieër vlieg oor Afrika

Hierdie boek propvol illustrasies vertel die storie van hoe Attie en sy pa ’n vlieër maak. Maar as hulle die vlieër laat vlieg, breek die tou ......

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’n Maat vir Asanda

As Mama watches from afar, Asanda visits the animals in her world, looking for a new friend. In this gorgeously illustrated book, the story...

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Zwivhumbeo hoṱhehoṱhe

The world is full of shapes. Everywhere you look you see circles, triangles and squares.

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Zaza has a very busy and exciting day. From getting up, to singing and story time, it is always time for something fun! Join Zaza in her daily...

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Yimani, langutani mi tlhela mi yingisela!

The rules to crossing the road are taught to children from a young age. Yimani, langutani mi tlhela mi yingisela! uses well-known African animals,...

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Yima, ubheke ulalele!

The rules to crossing the road are taught to children from a young age. Yima, ubheke ulalele! uses well-known African animals, including monkeys,...

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Xinhwanyetana lexi a xi ala ku kula

Kulani a ku ri Xinhwanyetana lexi a xi rhandza tata wa xona hi mbilu ya xona hinkwayo.

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Wie’s tog Bang vir die Donker?

Sanelle is bang vir die donker. Sy hoor vreemde geluide en kan nie slaap nie.

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Wie is Koning?

These 10 stories are drawn from the rich folklore of Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Malawi, Lesotho, Zimbabwe and South Africa, and are...

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Why Dog is Afraid of Storms

Have you ever wondered why dogs are so afraid of thunder storms?

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