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In 2006, Jacana Media started a new division to cater for a growing demand for books that would appeal to younger audiences. Jacana has a reputation for publishing books that are entirely southern African in content, idiom, illustration and style. Our focus has been on producing high-quality materials that are appropriate, fun and enjoyable for readers aged between two and sixteen. Jacana publishes books on a range of topics and genres, including reference books on South African history, geography and culture; award-winning illustrated children’s fiction; and challenging and current fiction for teenagers.

Most of our materials are suitable for ABET and second-language readers. Our children’s picture books are also being used as Foundation Phase readers. Jacana has made it a proud tradition to publish in all 11 official South African languages, where possible. This supports our commitment to growing a culture of reading in South Africa and allowing children to read in the vernacular.

For the full PDF version of the Jacana Children\'s Catalogue, click here.

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Tug of War

This funny, heart-warming retelling from Naomi Howarth, alongside beautiful illustrations, teaches children that wit and wisdom are more important...

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Hooray! Thoko

Hooray! Thoko by award-winning author, Niki Daly, is the first in the Thoko series. It has four wonderful stories that all follow a girl named Thoko...

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Nyambura Waits For The Bus

Nyambura is going to visit her Gogo! She arrives at the bustling market place to find that she is last in the queue and that the bus has not yet...

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This is the Chick

Written in rhyme by best-loved children’s author Wendy Hartmann, This is the Chick will educate, enchant and entertain. With magical illustrations...

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The Elders at the Door

Early one morning three tired, dirty, hungry elders – Blessing, Wisdom and Love – knock on the door of a family home. The family wishes to invite...

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The Wild Fluffalump – A Bedtime Story

The Wild Fluffalump is a delightful story that will have children engrossed until the very last page. An unknown animal, goes to sleep under a...

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International best-selling children’s classic reprinted after 53 years.

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An Extraordinary Egg

International best-selling children’s classic reprinted after 68 years.

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International best-selling children’s classic reprinted after 49 years.

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Mr Hare Meets Mr Mandela

Mr Hare Meets Mr Mandela is one of the last stories Chris van Wyk wrote before he died and it originally appeared in the Sunday Times Storytime: 10...

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