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Breakfast with Leonard

Breakfast With Leonard is the story of the author's encounter with a West African businessman, Leonard Okala. This book is an inspiring look at ways...

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Zumanomics: Which Way to Shared Prosperity in South Africa? Essays in Political Economy comes to grips with many of the elements of the...

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The Gratitude Effect

Use Dr. Demartini's new book, The Gratitude Effect, to open your heart, inspire your mind and awaken you inner powers and hidden seeds of greatness.

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There's a Tsotsi in the Boardroom

There's a Tsotsi in the Boardroom takes bewildered mulungu advertisers and marketers on a guided tour of exactly what makes the South African market...

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Visions of Black Economic Empowerment

Visions of Black Economic Empowerment brings together leading South African analysts and practitioners in the most comprehensive analysis of Black...

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From Debt to Riches

In this easy-to-read guide, Phumelele Ndumo addresses the financial problems of ordinary South Africans who are battling with garnishee orders, admin...

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Climate Change and Trade

The long-awaited Copenhagen summit on climate change gave to the world a broad political agreement, but without any teeth. Climate Change and Trade...

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After the Rain

Tony Frost's uniquely African leadership book takes the lessons learned from our abundant and diverse wildlife, and recasts them into practical ideas...

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It's Not About How Smart You Can Be

A new way of investing makes it simple for people to own the performance of the stock market. It is a method so simple and so cost-effective the...

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The Madiba Mindset

What could you achieve if you understood and applied the philosophies and practices that equipped Nelson Mandela to grow from rural herd boy to...

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Flight at Dawn

Frost uses brilliant and insightful lessons and analogies from his experiences from the bush. This book aims to provide readers with ways to improve...

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ULC The Leadership Navigator

Willem de Liefde expands his ideas of leadership and explains how compassion and forgiveness amongst leaders invariably brings both financial success...

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Future Inheritance

Since 1994, the post-apartheid South African state has been under constant pressure to transform the inherited institutional architecture of the...

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New Markets, New Mindsets

Doing business with low-income communities – which academics and practitioners have christened ‘the base of the pyramid’ (BoP) – now includes a focus...

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Thieves at the Dinner Table

The Competition Commission (together with its Tribunal) is one of the success stories of the new, democratic South Africa, an institution that has...

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Black Man's Medicine

This is the third book written by Muzi Kuzwayo. It is a fun, easy read that will challenge the way we all think about our roles in South Africa today.

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The Goddess Bootcamp

The Goddess Bootcamp is the tool to upgrade your life to one filled with pleasure, passion and purpose.

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The Stuff You Can’t Bottle

One of the most profound effects of the digital revolution is the radical change it has had on the delivery of advertising, propelling it from...

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Heart, Mind and Money

Intelligence and education are often considered primary keys to financial security in today’s world. Yet money-trouble is still a problem faced by...

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Protecting the Inheritance

The primary intention of this book is to provide a nexus of theory and practice of governance and public accountability in democratic South Africa.

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