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Inside Out

Tim Jenkin was imprisoned by apartheid authorities in Pretoria Maximum Security Prison for his activities on behalf of the ANC. This is the thrilling...

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Combine elements of Bob Marley, Malcolm X and Patrice Lumumba and you get a sense of the power of the world's wildest rock star. Fela created Afro...

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Make a Skyf, Man!

At last! The long awaited sequel to Way Up Way Out, Harold Strachan's boisterous tale of the early years of MK and how, because of some rudimentary...

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Ten years after democracy arrived in South Africa here is a book that gives a voice to the Afrikaner, speaking in English about the 'Miracle' of the...

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The House at the Edge of the World

This is an hilarious account of a South African family's four years living in rural Ireland and the hardships they faced rebuilding their dream stone...

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Khabzela concerns the brief life and perplexing death of Fana Khaba, aka Khabzela, a youth icon whose brief life mirrors that of the first generation...

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Child Soldier

This is the heartrending account of the author's terrifying journey out of her family home and into the world of bloody warfare. Set in Uganda in the...

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The Sunburnt Queen

In the late 1730s a seven-year-old English girl is washed up on the Wild Coast ... This is the true account of "the castaways" ... and Bessie, of...

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Mending a Broken Heart

In 2004, Nadine’s son, Zack, was born with severe and complex congenital heart defects (CHD). He underwent major cardiac surgery when he was only ten...

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Positively Alive

As a successful, respected and widely accomplished businessman, the last thing Alan Brand expected was to be diagnosed as HIV positive. Positively...

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With the Lid Off

OUT OF STOCK "This book provides a bridge across a gap of time which is hard to comprehend through orthodox historical accounts. The two writers,...

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War of Words

War of Words tells the story of lives turned upside down, a nation torn apart, and unforeseen heroism during the madness of the apartheid era in...

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The White Life of Felix Greenspan

These twenty chapters are stories generated during the years of Felix Greenspan's 'white life'. He is Johannesburg-born, Jewish, spastic. His father...

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Drive Out Hunger

JJ Machobane is a farmer, novelist, social visionary, and a self-taught scientist. He spent 13 years researching an agricultural system that would...

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Love & Courage

Pregs Govender is widely respected and admired as someone deeply committed to the development of South Africa as a just and humane democracy,...

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The Extraordinary Khotso

Khotso is a well-known figure who has been left out of the history books. This book recovers a section of South African history that is in danger of...

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Mr Chameleon

OUT OF STOCK Few people can have had so extraordinary a life as the poet and novelist Tatamkhulu Afrika. Soldier and freedom fighter, prisoner to...

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I Remember King Kong (the Boxer)

I Remember King Kong (The Boxer) is a book of reminiscences which are, and could only be, South African in their timbre, scope and feeling. The...

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Dear Ahmedbhai, Dear Zuleikhabehn

Extraordinary stories can sometimes be found in ordinary letters. This is the discovery that awaits readers of this gentle and beautifully written...

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Slow Motion

Slow Motion is a collection of non-fiction stories (essays and interviews) about walking. The collection has been written over a period of six years...

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The Unlikely Secret Agent

It is 1963. South Africa is in crisis and the white state is under siege. On 19 August the dreaded Security Police swoop on Griggs bookstore in...

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Truth is a Strange Fruit

Truth is a Strange Fruit makes extraordinary disclosures about the involvement of a Zionist terrorist organisation in the Park Street bombing. This...

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Alex La Guma

Best known as a novelist and political activist, Alex la Guma (1925–85) was also a journalist, comic strip artist, reviewer, sketcher, painter, short...

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Meanwhile Don't Push and Squeeze

Meanwhile Don't Push and Squeeze is an account of a year in China written with cinematic immediacy.

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Cyril Ramaphosa REVISED

This commanding biography by Anthony Butler tells the story of Cyril Ramaphosa's life for the first time.

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Sugar Girls & Seamen

Sugar Girls and Seamen explores the hidden world of dockside prostitution in Cape Town and Durban, focusing on the local women (and men) who offer...

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Black Bull, Ancestors and Me

As a sangoma, Nkunzi is able to explore dimensions of her sexual identity because of her relationship with both male and female ancestors. Nkunzi...

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Just Keep Breathing

Just Keep Breathing brings a stunningly diverse collection of South African birth stories to print. The collection is part of a new wave of South...

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A Life's Mosaic

In the preface to her autobiography Phyllis Ntantala tells us that "Like Trotsky, I did not leave home without the proverbial one-and-six in my...

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The Elephants and I

"A moving account of Africa's power to attract, inspire, and change the course of one's life, giving it a new meaning. Sharon's story is of courage,...

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The Woman Who Lived in a Tree

There really is a woman who lived in a tree – for sixteen years. A leopard occasionally shared it with her, lions stalked underneath and there were...

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Clicko (Franz Taibosh) was a star performer of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus in the 1920s and 1930s. When he died in 1940, an...

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In her humorous collection of columns, award-winning writer Giselle Willcox offers readers a wonderful collation of the chronology of three years of...

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Africa Trek

Relentless sun, wild animal attacks, crossing countries in crisis... Three years, eleven countries, 1200 families, 14 000 kilometers of...

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When Hungry, Eat

Reminiscent of Eat, Pray, Love, When Hungry, Eat is a humorous yet poignant celebration of unexpected spiritual wisdom, small portions and the gifts...

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In the Dark with My Dress on Fire

In the Dark with My Dress on Fire is the remarkable life story of Blanche La Guma, a South African woman who dedicated her life to ending apartheid...

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The Au Pair

The Au Pair is a tantalising true story of a British wife and mother of three whose life is turned upside down when she meets and falls in love with...

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Recovery RSA

South Africa has one of the highest rising rates of addicts in the world. Recovery RSA is the go-to guide for recovering addicts, families,...

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The First President

John Dube is a revered and important figure in the history of South Africa. He was a leading member of the educated African elite in the late 19th...

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Africa Trek 2

Three years, eleven countries, 1,200 families, 14,000 kilometers of adventures while walking in the footsteps of mankind through the Cradle of Life.

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My Father, My Monster

Former TV journalist and now police spokesman McIntosh Polela has been on the television screens for many years. Bright, articulate and charismatic,...

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Rivonia's Children

Rivonia’s Children is the harrowing and inspiring account of a number of white Jewish activists who risked their lives to battle apartheid when South...

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Kader Asmal (Hardcover)

Kader Asmal was one of the most respected senior statesmen in South Africa.He lived a rich and varied life, in all the twists and turns of which he...

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Kader Asmal (Paperback)

Kader Asmal was one of the most respected senior statesmen in South Africa. He lived a rich and varied life, in all the twists and turns of which he...

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Up in Arms

This is an insider’s story of political drama and intrigue during the Mbeki era when the arms deal controversy erupted and pitted Parliament against...

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Lolly Jackson

The Lolly Jackson murder case – a mix of elements that has grabbed the public’s imagination. Fast cars, fast money, murder, revenge, missing millions...

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Battle for the President's Elephants

Searching for something more than her high-flying IT-executive life was offering her, Sharon Pincott traded her privileged First World existence to...

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Songs and Secrets

Songs and Secrets is a personal exploration of the ANC from liberation movement to government. It follows the author into the ANC’s military camps in...

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From Me to Me

From Me To Me: Letters to my 16½-year-old-self is a collection of letters written by some of South Africa’s best-loved and ordinary personalities to...

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The Travelling Rabbi

Rabbi Moshe Silberhaft, widely known as ‘The Travelling Rabbi’, is the spiritual leader of the Country Communities Department of the South African...

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Dear Edward

This book is a personal journey into the family archives of photographer Paul Weinberg. The book explores his past as he retraces his family...

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Eyebags & Dimples

In this beautifully written work, Bonnie makes a remarkable transition from actress to author with ease and flair.

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The Kelly Khumalo Story

Kelly Khumalo is an award-winning kwaito star who rose to national fame at the age of 21: the shining star who after a string of bad decisions and...

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Kgalema Motlanthe

Ebrahim Harvey presents a superb account of a man characterised by his reticence. Harvey provides a rare and thorough insight into this most private...

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The Kebble Collusion

This is the story of the world’s biggest unprosecuted fraud. A fraud that in today’s terms amounts to R26 billion.

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Back in From the Anger

Roger Lucey’s life journey was changed radically by events that he only found out about a decade and a half after they had happened. By that time...

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Endings & Beginnings

When Redi Tlhabi is eleven years old, two years after her father’s death, she meets the handsome, charming and smooth, Mabegzo. A rumoured gangster,...

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Freedom Rider

Freedom Rider is not only an adventure story about an epic bike ride in extreme conditions but a foray into the histories and cultures that have made...

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Ingrid Jonker

Dubbed the South African Sylvia Plath due to the intensity of her work and the tragic course of her turbulent life, Ingrid Jonker is one of the most...

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Sanctuary is based based on how the Central Methodist Church in downtown Johannesburg and its controversial Bishop Paul Verryn came to offer refuge...

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The Last Right

How would you like to die? This is the question Craig Schonegevel’s brave life and death challenge us to ask of ourselves and the society we live in....

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Cyril Ramaphosa

Cyril Ramaphosa is one of South Africa’s most celebrated political leaders. He first came to prominence in the 1980’s as general secretary of the...

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It’s as though by repeating the words they will somehow become real. The words will solidify, and the full and truly horrific reality of this tragedy...

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Drug Muled

On the verge of a big break in modelling, Miss SA finalist, 21-year-old Vanessa Goosen is caught up in every traveller’s nightmare. Duped into...

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Dwelm Slagoffer

Die 21-jarige Vanessa Goosen, ʼn finalis in die Mej. S.A.-kompetisie en op die drumpel van ʼn groot deurbraak in haar model-loopbaan, word vasgevang in...

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Bram Fischer: Afrikaner Revolutionary

In 1964 Bram Fischer led the defence of Nelson Mandela in the Rivonia Trial. In 1966 Fischer was himself sentenced to life imprisonment in South...

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The Young Man with the Red Tie

It is November 1963. The white police state has captured almost all the underground leaders of the struggle against apartheid, including Nelson...

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A Renegade called Simphiwe

Catapulted into national prominence with the release of her multiple-award-winning debut album, Zandisile, in 2005, Simphiwe Dana has since carved a...

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Ruth First and Joe Slovo in the War against Apartheid

Ruth First and Joe Slovo, husband and wife, were leaders of the war to end apartheid in South Africa. Communists, scholars, parents, and...

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From highflying Playboy editor to pathetic homeless alcoholic addict, Dystopia charts James Siddall’s Icarian fall from grace.

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Armed and Dangerous

First published in 1993, Armed and Dangerous was one of the earliest struggle memoirs to deal from a personal perspective with the formation and...

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The Other Side

Gypsies. Mick Jagger. Drugs. Knitwear empire. Ralph Lauren. A few of the elements comprising the life of Hillary Rohde, once an ordinary girl from...

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Baobab Trails

Clive Walker has changed the face of conservation in South Africa and devoted his life to the preservation of our wildlife and natural heritage....

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A Native of Nowhere

On a warm July morning in 1965, South African writer Nat Nakasa stood facing the window of a friend’s seventh floor apartment in Central Park West....

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Choosing to be Free

Rick Turner was one of South Africa’s most original and powerful thinkers and is remembered today as a remarkable teacher and activist. For almost...

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Pilot in the Wild

John Bassi has dedicated most of his life to the plight of wildlife in Africa. Raised in north eastern Zimbabwe, he was inspired by a life of living...

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Love is War: The Modimolle Monster

Young mother Surinda du Preez stood transfixed, barely able to breathe. A single thought went through her head: I’m looking at the devil. She was...

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When Hope Whispers

This is a story about a woman; a story about her struggle. As the survivor of great tragedy; this is a story about triumph.

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Doing Time

Doing Time is more than just a book. It’s an invitation from one of South Africa’s most revered pioneers and businessmen. It is an invitation to...

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To Catch A Cop: The Paul O'Sullivan Story

This book is an account of Paul O’Sullivan’s role in helping to not only nail South Africa’s most powerful policeman, but also the world’s top cop....

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With my Head above the Parapet: An insider account of the ANC in power

‘There is no room for sentimentality in politics and I am no mood to put a rosy gloss on where we are now.’ – Ben Turok

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Liberation Diaries: Reflections on 20 Years of Democracy

Liberation Diaries is a compilation of 38 essays written by South Africans reflecting on the journey of 20 years of democracy, against...

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Blood Money: The Cyril Karabus Story

“Murderer, murderer! You are under arrest.”

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Catastrophe: Oy Vey, my Child is Gay (and an Addict)

Catastrophe is the story of a Jewish mother who discovers, much to her shock and horror, that not only is her once well-grounded, beautiful,...

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Memoirs of a Born Free: Reflections on the Rainbow Nation

On 19 October 1991, Malaika Lesego Samora Mahlatsi was born at the Meadowlands Community Clinic, one year and eight months after Mandela’s release...

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My Mzansi Heart

My Mzansi Heart sweeps the reader along two equally entertaining narrative strands, one set in the present day, the other in the past, which together...

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The Class of 79

When did this story begin?... It began when three Rhodes University students realised that what was happening in South Africa’s so-called ‘separate...

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Sam and Me & the Hard Pear Tree

Jami Yeats-Kastner’s story is both a personal account of a mother’s ultimate loss and a universal message of growth and hope. It is centred on the...

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Coolie Woman

In 1903 a Brahmin woman sailed from India to Guiana as a ‘coolie’, the name the British gave to the million indentured labourers they recruited for...

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Declassified: imagine a world beyond the boundaries created by race, one in which we can live together imaginatively and open to the diversity each...

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Love. Loss. Life.

More bizarre than any fiction imagined, this is a true story of huge and passionate love counteracted with achingly hell-deep loss and everything in...

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Oscar: An Accident Waiting to Happen

Oscar: An Accident Waiting to Happen is the all-exclusive inside story of ex-girlfriend Samantha Taylor’s tumultuous romantic relationship with the...

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The Search for the Rarest Bird in the World

This book is more than a Boy’s Own adventure in search of the rarest bird in the world. It is a meditation on nature, on ways of seeing, on the...

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Surviving Flight 295: Life after the Helderberg

It has been 27 years since the worst air disaster in the history of South African aviation, and it’s been 27 years since Dominique Luck lost her...

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Bollywood Blonde

The inside story of the world’s biggest movie industry

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A story of collaboration and betrayal in the anti-apartheid struggle

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Nobody's Business

In 2003, Thabo Jijana’s father was gunned down in a scrap between rival taxi associations who had been forced to operate from a single rank. A decade...

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Reporting from the Frontline

So much has been said about Marikana since the tragedy of 16 August 2012 where 34 miners were gunned down and police were killed. The news and the...

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Jani Confidential

If this were a book quiz and you were to ask me what film is most like Jani Confidential I would answer unhesitatingly, Blue Jasmine, Woody Allen’s...

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