DemoCRAZY: SA's Twenty-year Trip

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South Africa approaches 20 years of democracy and what better way to look back at the country’s wild ride than through the lens of Zapiro.

Look back to see how far the country has come but also how much further we still need to go to fulfil the promise of those early years of democracy. South Africa may have changed in twenty years but Zapiro’s sharp wit and cutting satire have remained a welcome constant over the years. 

“Zapiro makes a five-course meal of each and every cartoon-worthy moment, which we seem to have in abundance in SA.” – Business Day

“May his razor-sharp wit never blunt nor his magnifying glass being held over us ever cloud over.” – Mercury

About the author

Zapiro is Jonathan Shapiro. Born in 1958, he went through architecture at UCT, conscription, activism, detention and a Fulbright Scholarship to New York before establishing himself as South Africa’s best-known cartoonist. He has worked for Mail & Guardian since 1994, Sunday Times since 1998 and The Times since 2009. He has also been editorial cartoonist for Sowetan and Independent Newspapers. He has published 18 best-selling annuals as well as The Mandela Files and VuvuzelaNation (a collection of his sporting cartoons). Zapiro’s numerous SA awards include the Mondi Shanduka Journalist of the Year award and two honorary doctorates. Internationally he has won the Principal Prince Claus award (2005) as well as Press Freedom awards from the International Publishers’ Association, the Media Institute of Southern Africa and Cartoonists’ Rights Network International. In 2011 the magazine Jeune Afrique voted him one of the 50 most influential people in Africa. He lives in Cape Town with his wife Karina Turok and his two children, Tevya and Nina. 

Mike Wills grew up in Sydney before going to university in England. He was sent to South Africa as a foreign TV news bureau chief in 1987 and has been happily stuck here ever since. He writes a weekly column for Cape Argus, hosts radio talk shows on 567 Cape Talk and 702 Talk Radio, and is the author of The Cycle Tour. He also collaborated with Zapiro on VuvuzelaNation while doing his day job in PR and advertising. He lives in Cape Town with his wife Helen and three children, Kate, Ty and Lucy.

Author: Zapiro
Text by: Mike Wills
ISBN: 9781431410361
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Publication Date: June 2014