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Zen Dust

Zen Dust moves from the stoep to the dusty roads of the Karoo, drawing inspiration and contemplating life as Osler drives between Poplar Grove, his...

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Vuvuzela Nation

VuvuzelaNation is a collection of more than 200 iconic cartoons from the nation’s sharpest bestselling cartoonist telling the curious, glorious,...

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Unconquerable Spirit

George Stow was a Victorian man of many parts - poet, historian, ethnographer and prolific writer. Unconquerable Spirit reveals for the first time...

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Uncertain Curature

Uncertain Curature is a book that begins with the image of a dead saint. It ends with the avowal that the archives of our past demand unsettling and...

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über(W)unden: Art in Troubled Times is an illustration-rich investigation into writers, visual artists, theatre practitioners, musicians, filmmakers,...

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Twilight of the Vuvuzelas

Another satirical winner from this sharp and witty creative team. The motley crew of Madam, Eve, Thandi and Mother Anderson are like old friends to...

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Tracking BuBu

Tracking BuBu is a compilation of Catja Orford's journal entries and emails written over a 15 month period from Mikongo Conservation Camp, Lopé...

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The World in an Orange

Barney Simon was the legendary artistic director, writer and co-creator of one of the most important theatres in South Africa and the world – the...

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The Pothole at the End of the Rainbow

Another satirical winner from this sharp and witty creative team. The motley crew of Madam, Eve, Thandi and Mother Anderson are like old friends to...

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The Last Sushi

South Africans calling for our moral compass to be reactivated need look no further than Zapiro’s latest annual, The Last Sushi.

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The Big Bad Bitterkomix Handbook

Over the last ten years or so, Bitterkomix has been (as one critic remarks) "consistently challenging and outrageous, undeniably brilliant, and...

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Thami Mnyele & Medu

Jacana is proud to present Thami Mnyele & Medu Art Ensemble Retrospective, a book which brings together the myriad artworks exhibited and the stories...

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Strike While the Iron is Hot

Another hilarious collection from Stephen Francis and Rico.

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Stoep Zen

Lao Tsu meets Oom Schalk Lourens in this delightful meditation on what it means to practise Zen in a changing South Africa.

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Acclaimed home-grown photographer, Jodi Bieber has created an open-ended essay which is a celebration and a portrait of life in Soweto today.

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South African Art Now

South African Art Now covers the years 1968 to 2008 - from the period of the glory days of resistance art right up to the ever changing and...

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Shoe Shop

Shoe Shop is an anthology and an experiment in imagining different paths, speaking in different tongues – on Africa, movement, public art, migration,...

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Send in the Clowns

Stephen Francis and Rico have pulled the twenty-second Madam & Eve collection out of the hat – a showcase of jokes and pranks from the characters we...

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Scorched Earth

100 Years of Southern African Potteries.

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